• Just in: Susan Roces will run for President, Champion to Sponsor a Clean Electoral Campaign.
    susan roces campaign

    Yesterday the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) disqualified Grace Poe ­for running due to lack of residency requirement of 10 years, not on the reason of being a foundling as the their camp implies. Susan Roces, the…

  • ­­­CBCP: “Divorce is Evil, a Mortal Sin.” Warns the Congress

    Traditionally the concept of separation of Church and State in the Philippines is merely suggestive, the People and the government loves the intervention of a dominant church, The Roman Catholic Church. We love to be controlled,…

  • New Churches to be Built, Felix Manalo Movie Brings 1M New Members, Prequel to Film Mid 2016
    Dennis Trillo doing "The Float"
  • Camera Shy Motorist Verbally Assaults a Police Officer
    From Sevilla's Facebook Page

    Crying foul for his car being photographed after allegedly committing a traffic violation Patrick Benjamin Bernardino Sevilla verbally assaulted SPO1 Sambiano, feeling entitled to privacy in a public place and verbal assault of a Police Officer. Manila Herald…

  • The scariest thing yet that resulted from a SELFIE ( WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED) :

    The scariest thing yet that resulted from a SELFIE ( WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED) : Selfies have already resulted to injuries and even death ( when taken to extremes ), just to take a…

  • Extreme Gamer Seriously Injured

    Viewer discretion is advised. Watch the incident captured in a CCTV.

  • Duterte is 100% not running, is “Going out” with Kris Aquino
    kris dut

      Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with Kris Aquino held a joint press conference today in Makati revealing their relationship which is probably the biggest development for the 2016 elections since ever. New Love   Mayor Duterte said:…

  • The Girl in the Water Tank: The mysterious death of Elisa Lam

    Elisa Lam, a college student was staying at Cecile hotel, a budget hotel in LA (which has been reported to house a lot of creepy horror and death mysteries). On February 13, she was reported missing…

  • Creepiest childrens drawings…

    Ever wonder where serial killer’s come from? This might give you a hint. Finding these eerie drawings from a child (let lone YOUR child) will make you think about what kind of environment they live in,…

  • Just in time for Halloween

    Just in time for Halloween, Do you believe in ghost stories? How about if it happened to you and then no one believed you, what if it was part of your job to deliver orders in…

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